Gaze.Dev is the parent organization of all the Gaze products and services.

We have a vision for the future and are working together to create a network of people, organizations, and resources for solving the problems in our community. We are social good, open source, and copy left. We want our solutions to be freely used by anyone, but we think putting our collective effort together towards free and open solutions is better than being divided. (Not all source/documentation is yet published. If you want something feel free to ask and we'll send it/publish it).

Nonprofit solutions are built from the community and we want to work with you! If you have ideas, questions, suggestions, anything at all, definitely do Email Us.

Thank You,
-Zac Littleberry



HousingDB is The Pittsburgh Housing Database. It is an application aimed at improving the housing community via listings, ratings, and reviews of landlords and properties.

In Progress

We are re-building HousingDB to be much more powerful and extensible than it is today. This will also become the framework for other projects we work on, allowing us to create high quality, scalable applications for social good. Want to learn more? Contact Us.
Or, if you're a developer, you can take a look at the code on our Github.


Tools for Nonprofits

Tools for Nonprofits is a list of tools useful to nonprofits. We aim for free and open source tools, but also include tools that offer a nonprofit discount, or for which are simply worth paying. Feel free to suggest changes.